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Create My University ID (UID) and CatID CatID
Creating your UID is easy and secure! Simply complete the information below and your account will be created immediately.
About My UID
The University is committed to ensuring the privacy and proper handling of Social Security numbers (SSNs) and other confidential information that it collects and maintains from students, faculty, staff, and other individuals associated with the University. Therefore, the University has implemented a process of assigning a unique identification number to all students, employees, and other individuals associated with the University, rather than using SSNs. This UID shall be assigned at the earliest possible point of contact between the individual and the University. The UID shall be used as the campus ID Card identifier and shall be used in all future electronic systems and on paper documents to identify, track, and to provide service to individuals associated with the University. It shall be permanently associated with the individual to whom it is originally assigned. For more information, read 13.12 Policy on Use of Social Security Numbers.
About my CatID CatID
By completing this form you will also be provided a CatID (e.g., username) and passphrase that allows you to access different technology systems on campus. Your username is a unique 3-8 character account name that identifies you as a member of the UNI community and will be with you throughout your affiliation with UNI. Your username/passphrase combination allows you access to various online resources and computers on campus. The CatID logo (see above) is your clue to use this username/passphrase combination to log in. For more information, visit CatID Support Articles.

Encryption and a sophisticated auditing process have been implemented to protect data entry into this system.

For questions please contact or 319-273-2422.
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