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Black Fin 2017 Gas Station Pulp Prize winner

In the noir mystery novel Black Fin, Olive Wiley finds herself trapped with a dead body and a living child in a flooded Pacific sea cave. Olive, a damaged young woman with a complex past, reluctantly takes responsibility for the little girl and is forced to draw on her wits for their survival. As she and little Sarah flee a treacherous killer along the rugged Oregon coast, Olive delves into the identity and history of the corpse, discovering a priceless treasure that provides a motive for murder. Please select the correct shipping option from the dropdown menu.

Winter 2019

Contributors include Allison Adair, Nell Boeschenstein, Erica Lee Braverman, Catherine Byun, Lauren Camp, Peter Neil Carroll, Michael Chitwood, Patricia Clark, April Darcy, Marsha de la O, Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, Rodney Gomez, Joseph Harms, Andrew Hemmert, J. D. Ho, Vicki Iorio, Madison Jones, Warren Jones, Gary Kelley, David Koehn, Greg Larson, Jennie Malboeuf, Matt Manley, Robert Garner McBrearty, Damon McLaughlin, Jessica Morey-Collins, Jeff Newberry, Dayna Patterson, Katie Prince, Alison Prine, Clay Rodery, Mira Rosenthal, Peggy Schimmelman, Conor Scruton, Natalie Sears, Carrie Shipers, Todd Smith, Natalie Solmer, Brittani Sonnenberg, Michael Spence, Sean Towey, Anthony Tremmaglia, Gary J. Whitehead.

Pre-order Painting Angela 2018 Gas Station Pulp Winner

by James Breeden

Feed the Lake : Essays on the Craft of Fiction

Includes work by Charles Baxter, Grant Tracy, Robin Black, Joan Silber, Robert Boswell, Debra Spark, Todd James Pierce, and Steven Schwartz. These essayists seek to challenge our assumptions about the process of writing fiction. They urge you to look closely, but not so slavishly you fail to discover your own originality.

Manifold Nature : John Burroughs and the North American Review

Collected here are the nineteen essays Burroughs published in the North American Review between 1889 and 1920, along with essays, reviews, and letters to the editor about Burroughs and his work. Such a collection is necessarily eclectic, but in the end a sense of cohesion emerges as we enjoy a glimpse of this and that aspect of John Burroughs. Brief summaries accompany each selection, and contextual information is included where it was considered profitable to do so.

The Great Sympathetic: Walt Whitman and the North American Review

The Great Sympathetic collects essays by and about Walt Whitman, as well as poems inspired by Whitman, all of which first appeared in the pages of the North American Review, the oldest literary magazine in the United States.

Notes From the Flyover: Celebrating the Life and Works of Barbara Lounsberry

Dr. Barbara Lounsberry was one of the most respected and influential professors at the University of Northern Iowa for nearly three decades. This diverse festschrift includes works by Susan J. Koch, Gay Talese, Nancy Price, Scott Cawelti, Anne G. Myles, Grant Tracey, Alice Swensen, John Wilson Swope, Grace Ann Hovet, Theodore R. Hovet, Ron Sandvik, Salma Akbar, Julie Husband, Vince Gotera, John Besland, and Karen Tracey. ISBN 0-91599-613-8

Fall 2018

Contributors include Gary Kelley, Jessica Mercado, Anthony Ventura, Susan M. Gilbert-Collins, Shena McAuliffe, Jane Ellen Armstrong, Kim Lozano, Maia Dolphin-Krute, Hollis Giametteo, Amy Anderson Guerra, LLuis Maria Todo/Tr. Christopher R. Carter, Katie Farris, Sasch Feinstein, Dan O'Brien, John Poch, Simon Perchik, Wyatt Townley, John Hart, Martin Ott, John Abbott, Florence Weinberger, Ted Kooser, Ann Struthers, Ted Kooser, Greg Nicholl, Allison Lasorda, Jackson Holbert, Brandon Fury, Kevin Stein, Katie Pryor, Adam Day, Ed Falco, Alexandria Peary,Kelly Cressio-Moeller, Karen Harryman, Ginny Lowe Connors, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Kimberly Burwick, Peter Marcus, Rachel Morgan, and Grant Tracey.

OUT OF PRINT: Winter 2018

Contributors include Gary Kelley, Jeannie Phan, Anthony Ventura, Eric Piatkowski, Robert L. King, Yvette Siegert, Don Mee Choi, Joyelle McSweeney, Andrew Farkas, Nathanael, Kurt Heinzelman, Richard Jackson, Layne Ransom, Jim Daniels, Stalina Emmanuelle Villareal, Diana Arterian, Marina Omar, Alireza Taheri Araghi, Zachary Anderson, Catherine Cobham, Michelle Gil-Montero, Todd Fredson, Adriana X. Jacobs, Rachel Morgan, Grant Tracey, and J.D. Schraffenberger.

Spring 2018

Contributors include Gary Kelley, Erika Steiskal, Anthony Tremmaglia, Makaylah Fezzari, Jeannie Phan, Vlad Alvarez, Christian Blaza,

Summer 2018

Contributors include Mike Antosia, process of updating the rest.

10 Issue grab bag

For a limited time, we are offering 10 randomly chosen back issues for $10. We have nearly 12 years of back issues in stock and are offering them to the public while supplies last.

Fall 2017 302.4

Contributors include Gary Kelley, Catherine Byun, Brianne Burnell, Jared Rogness, Mel King, Warren Jones, Clay Whisler, K.S. Phillips, Refael Paul Arenson, Taylor Brorby, Ellie Tipton, Kendra Tanacea, Elisabeth Farrell, G.C. Waldrep, Al Maginnes, Gregory Fraser, Laura McCullough, Hannah Dow, Paul Guest, Jennifer Militello, Trenton Pollard, Micharl Hurley, Michael Kriesel, Cathryn Cofell, and Emily Vogel.

Summer 2017 302.3

Contributors include Gary Kelley, Anthony Tremmaglia, Brianne Burnell, Kali Gregan, Melanie Lambrick, Catherine Byun, Christopher Mohar, LP Sutton, Richard K. Weems, Keith Lesmeister, Theodore Carter, Annah Browning, Maria Mazziotti, Catherine Pritchard Childress, Zhu Zhu / Tr. Dong Li, Thomas Reiter, Elijah Burrell, Susan Hutton, Noor Al-Samarrai, Austin Segrest, Brandon Krieg, M. Scott Douglass, Meridian Johnson, Susan Firer, Linda Russo, Victoria Kelly, Rachel Morgan, Sean Thomas Doughtery, Matt Schaefer.

TRUMP COVER - Spring 2017 302.2 BACK IN STOCK!

Contributors include Gary Kelly; Eric Piatkowski; Jared Rogness; Annie Shepherd; Sharon Hashimoto; Cynthia Brandon-Slocum; Jordan Franklin; James Crews; Christa Romanosky; Erika Brumett; Sheila Sanderson; Leonard Kress; CR Callahan; Nick Bertelson; Jennifer Militello; Susanna Lang; John Hodgen; Carlos Andres Gomez; Vicky Santiesteban; Jenny Burkholder; Rochelle Hurt; Mark Wagenaar; Meghann Plunkett; Ryan Teitman; Sparrow; Rebecca Foust; Alex Simand; John Warner Smith; Betsy Johnson-Miller; Gary Dop; Danielle Sellers; Luke Marinacw;Ciara Shuttleworth; Martha Silano; Kelly Dolejsi; Peter Grandbois; Jess Williard; Geoffery Babbitt; Timothy Dailey-Valades; Philip Dacey; Lauren Camp; Lana Barkawi; Moheb Soliman; Hala Alyan; Glenn Shaheen; Hayan Charara; Grant Tracey; Rachel Morgan; Perry Glasser

OUT OF PRINT - Winter 2017 302.1

Contributors include: Gary Kelley, Eric Piatkowski, Anne Lambelet, Matt Manley, Catherine Byun, Claire Stigliani, Dariel Suarez, David Ebenbach, Jane E. Martin, Valerie Fioravanti, Keegan Bosch, Lynn Casteel Harper, Karen Babine, Felicia Zamora, Darren Morris, Erika Jo Brown, Christopher Locke, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Dan O'Brien, Chad Davidson, Jack Martin, Karen Harryman, Bruce Bond, Jason Myers, Jesse Graves

James Hearst Fall 1974 Reprint

The 36-page work has been recreated to match the content and formatting of the original Fall 1974 James Hearst tribute issue. LIMITED RUN!

OUT OF PRINT - Fall 2016 301.4

Randall Enos, Catherine Byun, Anne Lambelet, Jared Rogness, Robin Richardson, Christian Blaza, Alex Mattingly, Shelly Owens, Travis Landhuis, Greg Ames, Mong-Lan, Wendy A. Gaudin, Katie Prout, Helena Feder, Susan Aizenberg, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Dahlia Seroussi, Stephen Gibson, Jon Tribble, Ira Sukrungruang, Kathleen Hellen, John Rybicki, J.R. Toriseva, T.M. Sandrock

Summer 2016 301.3

Contributors include Gary Kelly, Vlad Alvarez, Ethan Bifano, Jeannie Phan, Anthony Ventura, Matt Manley, Teresa Milbrodt, Robert Shuster, Aimee Parkison, Jarrod Barry, R.G. Rolland, Laura Legge, Christopher Gonzales, Eric Paul Shaffer, Lauren Schmidt, Eugene Dubnov, Tr. Anne Stenvenson, Kimberly Burwick, Michele Leavitt, Richard Jackson, Christopher Bolin, Katy D'Angelo, Jeff Mock, Jose Angel Araguz, Stephen Haven, Leona Sevick, Dan Rosenberg, Catherine Stearns, Charles Harper Webb, Christopher Brean Murray, Edward Carvalho, Brooke Wonders, Grant Tracey, Rachel Morgan, and J.D. Schraffenberger.

Spring 2016 301.2

Contributors include D. G. Smith, Jessica Mercado, Brianne Burnell, Gigi Rose Gray, Jenifer Schaefer, Wendy Brandmark, Laura Farmer, Jackson Conner, Donald Quist, Patrick Crerand, Rebecca Foust, Mark Wagenaar, Raphael Dagold, Karen Harryman, Leila Chatti, Chelsea Wagenaar, Melanie Drane, Mary Jo Thompson, Christine Larusso, Eric Berlin, Lauren Schmidt, Michael Gessner, Scott Lawerence-Richards, Mariettte Landry, Seth Brady Tucker, Angela Redmond-Theodore, Amy Bagan, Edward Mayes, Caroline Klocksiem, Brigitte Byrd, Jason Bradford, Molly Spencer, Christine Gelineau, Ann Struthers, Kelly Rowe, John Yu Branscum, Mark Svenvold, Kevin Phan, Grant Tracey, Rachel Morgan, and Ted Morrissey.

Winter 2016 301.1

Contributors include Denis Hagen, Marcia Jones, Clay Rodery, Anthony Tremmaglia, Catherine Byun, Eric Piatkowski, Thomas Wilson, Laura Demers, Kristen N. Arnett, G.S. Phillian, Christopher Notarnicola, Traci Brimhall, Jane Armstrong, William Stobb, Metta Sama, Haki R. Madhubuti, Adrian S. Potter, Lynee Thompson, giovanni singleton, Rashidah Ismaili, Lenard D. Moore, James E. Cherry, Quincy Scott Jones, Rosamond S. King, Gwendolyn Mitchell, The Ellen Cross Davis, Niki Herd, Kelli Stevens Kane, Ti Kendrick Hall, Reginald Harris, Patricia Harris, Patricia Spears Jones, zakia henderson-brown, Makalani Bandele, J.D. Schraffenberger, Rachel Morgan, Grant Tracey, and Brain Pals.

Fall 2015 300.4

Contributors include Jim Burke, Briana Hertzog, Anthony Ventura, Jared Rogness, Scott Anderson, Susan Jackson Rodgers, Joseph Scapellato, Todd James Pierce, Michael J. Rosenbaum, Clinton Crockett Peters, Anne P. Beatty, Tiffany Midge, b: william bearhart, Trevino L. Brings Plenty, Eric Gansworth, Mark Turcotte, Leanne Howe, Alexandria Peary, Rick Bursky, Lawrence Bridges, Susan Sonde, Doug Ramspeck, Anne Barngrover, Warren Slesinger, Carrie Shipers, Philip Dacey, David Moolten, Maggie Trapp, Frank Paino, Chloe Veylit, Robert L. King, Grant Tracey, Rachel Morgan, and Lisa Higgs.

Our 200th Anniversary Summer Issue 300.3

Our first COLOR issue including 8 extra pages of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Contributors include Gary Kelley, Clay Rodery, Anthony Tremmaglia, Frank Espada, Jeannie Phan, Catherine Byun, Vlad Alvarez, Steven Schwartz, H. E. Francis, Valerie Fioravanti, Jill Birdsall, Ian Randall Wilson, Lauren Schmidt, Henry Finch, Chris Haug, Miles Waggener, Eduardo C. Corral, Jim Johnstone, Ben Ladouceur, Ian Williams, Martin Espada, Eric Paul Schaefer, Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, Lauren Hilger, Jody Bolz, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Ephraim Scott Sommers, Brian Swann, Peter Ludwin, J.D. Schraffenberger, Vince Gotera, Grant Tracey, and Jennifer Case.

Spring 2015 300.2

Contributors include Gary Kelley, Anthony Tremmaglia, Clay Rodery, Catherine Byun, Brady Richards, Brian Fitch, Bridget Bentz Sizer, Amanda Morris, Caroline Sutton, Stephen Haven, Michael Kriesel, Mai Schwartz, Frank Paino, Brian Patrick Heston, L. J. Morin, Joe Wilkins, Nathan Renie, Raphael Dagold, Susan Firer, Alex Vartan Gubbins, Diane Suess, Liz Glodek, Sharon Hashimoto, Holly Karapetkova, Christine Holm, Jeff Gundy, Tobias Wray, Cathryn Cofell, Karen Craigo, John Guzlowski, Robert Nazarene, Kevin Phan, Lisa J.Cihlar, Marianne Kunkel, Lan Lan, Tr. Stephen Haven, Li Yongyi, Bradford Tice, Tim Krcmarik, Nick Kalokowski, Metta Sama, Maceo J. Whitaker, Bridgette Bates, Karen An-hwei Lee, Jennifer Santos Madriaga, Ted Morrissey, Vince Gotera and Grant Tracey.

Winter 2015 300.1

Contributors include Gary Kelley, Catherine Byun, Jess Fink, Hye Jin Chung, Brianne Burnell, Chad Koch, Jo Ann Heydron, Paula Root, Elliot Satsky, Paul Crenshaw, Don Lago, Disa Cornish, Debra Nystrom, Michael Bazzett, David O'Connell, Rebecca Foust, Julia Shipley, Stephen Gibson, Kevin Boyle, Laura Bylenok, Hope Wabuke, Judith Harris, Faith Shearin, Joseph P. Jordan, Tony Medina, Katy D'Angelo, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Fall 2014 299.4

The Fall 2014 issue features works by Dan Vanderhoof, John F. Malta, Catherine Byun, Anthony Tremmaglia, Clay Rodery, Jeannie Phan, John Burke, Julia Lynn Rubin, Gloria L. Huang, Mike Antosia, Rachel Joseph, Brooke Wonders,Jerry McGahan,Jonathan Starke, Grant Veeder, Nate Pillman, Denise Duhamel, Richard Boada, Jimmie Cumbie, Gary Fincke, Thomas Alan Holmes, Heid E. Erdrich, J.P. Dancing Bear, Joseph P. Wood, Debra Nystrom, Robin Richardson, Emily Schulten, Kate Lutzner, Carol V. Davis, Ed Coletti, Gerry LaFemina, Liv Lansdale, Herbert Engelhardt, Jennifer Perrine, Christina Seymour, Charles Harper Webb, Annie Whittenmore, Arthur Vogelsang, Anne Drolet, J.D. Schraffenberger and Grant Tracey.

Summer 2014 299.3

The Summer 2014 issue features works by Beth Hobbs, Ethan Bifano, Catherine Byun, Jeannie Phan, Clay Rodery, Jared Rogness, John Malta, Ann Bauleke, Colette Inez, Ian Schimmel, Jeanne Sirotkin, Tim Poland, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Jennifer Carr, Martha Silano, George Ochoa, Ralph Tejeda Wilson, Raymond Cothern, Charlotte Pence, Antara Brewer, William Kelley Woolfitt, Michael Metivier, Luke Rolfes, Maggie MK Hess, Jim Johnstone, Dave Nielsen, Richard Schmitt, J. L. Torres, Alison Cosgrove, Vince Gotera, Grant Tracey, Anne Drolet, and Gary Kelley.

OUT OF PRINT - Spring 2014 299.2

The Spring 2014 issue features works by Gary Kelley, Vlad Alvarez, Jeannie Phan, Hye Jin Chung, Eric Piakowski, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Simon Holloway, Thomas Fox Averill, William Torrey, Mike Ingram, Barbara Haas, Jim O'Loughlin, Martha Silano, Mark Wagenaar, Carolyne Wright, F. J. Bergmann, Brittney Scott, Sharon Hashimoto, Casey Thayer, Ann Hudson, Jenifer Browne Lawrence, Heather Altfeld, Tess Barry, Jennifer Militello, Patricia Colleen Murphy, Chelsea Wagenaar, Shivani Mehta, Cynthia Wyatt, a. j. Hennessy, Jenny Molberg, Lindsay Illich, David Salner, Jhoanna Aberia Belfer, Christa Romanosky, Robert Haynes, Carol S. Westberg, Megan Peak, Abigail Bautista, Brandon Lussier, Jason Olsen, Ivan Hobson, Joseph Mains, Cindy Veach, Jackleen Holton, Sebastian Paramo, Dante Di Stefano, Lee Rossi, Howard Altmann, Victoria Kelly, Michelle Lin, Grant Tracey, Vince Gotera, and Anne Drolet.

Winter 2014 299.1

The Winter 2014 issue features works by Gary Kelley, Clay Rodery, Catherine Byun, Kurt McRobert, Brianne Burnell, Anthony Tremmaglia, Teresa Milbrodt, Allegra Hyde, Jason Lee Brown, Gary Gildner, Philip Walford, Brian Jay Stanley, Toni Mirosevich, Lauren Schmidt, Christie Ann Reynolds, Allison Joseph, Shelley Puhak, Chad Prevost, Wally Swist, William Stratton, Jessica Morey-Collins, Gary Fincke, Elinor Benedict, Gigi Marks, Patricia Clark, Martin Ott, Elizabeth Johnson, Arseny Tarkovsky, Joe Weil, Kay Cosgrove, Alison Swan, Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, James Grabill, Charlotte Pence, Curtis Bauer, Robert L. King, Grant Veeder, Anne Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Fall 2013 298.4

Contributors include: Gary Kelley, Clay Rodery, Ethan Bifano, Jeannie Phan, Justin Perkins, Vince Sgambati, Laura Gabel-Hartman, Sam Katz, Brian Hyer, James Cihlar, Andrew D. Cohen, Kim Groninga, Sara McWhorter, Elizabeth Tornes, Chris Joyner, Jude Brancheau, Allen Braden, Adrian C. Louis, Michael Gessner, Adrian Blevins, Grace Bauer, Mitchell Untch, Bruce McRae, Lauren Schmidt, Danielle Cadena Deulen, Richard Katrovas, Linwood Rumney, George Kalamaras, Ed Coletti, Brian Larsen, Daniel Lusk, Martha Silano, Natalia Toledo, Gaylord Brewer, Brian Swann, Craig Beaven, Lindsay Stuart Hill, Jody Bolz, Justin Jannise, Ted Morrissey, Molly Cormaney, Anne Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Summer 2013 298.3

Contributors include: Gary Kelley, Marty Gotera, Jared Rogness, Jess Fink, Wesley Allsbrook, Li-Yang Bao, Kim Behm, Alissa Cornick, Angela Pilson, G.W. Clift, Robert Garner McBrearty, Zdravka Evtimova, Brian Bedard, Leila Christine Nadir, Anastasia Rubis, Martin Espada, Manuel Jose Arce, Dam Murphy, Dayna Patterson, Jenny George, Jeff Oaks, Cameron Witbeck, Eric Paul Shaffer, Sarah A. Chavez, Douglas Manuel, Brenna Lemieux, Ann Struthers, Meghan Brinson, Liz Cook, Anne Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Spring 2013 298.2

Includes James Hearst Poetry Prize winners: Andrew Payton, Joanna Thompson Yezek, Mark Wagenaar, Benjamin Busch, A.E. Coleman, Tess Barry, Roy Bentley, Morgan Eklund, Rebecca Foust, Amy Greacen, Tracy Fuad, Michael Derrick Hudson, Susan Kelley-DeWitt, Philip Martin, Matthew J. Spireng, Erin Murphy, Michael Spence, Jennifer Millitello, Kyoko Uchida, Holly Woodward, and our judge H.L. Hix. Other contributors include Tom Holmes, Deja Earley, Yan Lin, Emily Hockaday, Rachel Adams, Heather Sellers, Carolyne Wright, Mong-Lan, Rachel Morgan, Christine Gelineau, Gry Kelley, Jess Fink, Jared Rogness, Wesley Allsbrook, Eric Barnes, Deborah Kennedy, Jonathan Wei, B,J, Hollars, Jacob Newberry, Steven Moore, Rick Vanderwall, Anne M. Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Winter 2013 298.1

Contributors include: Gary Kelley, Mary Ann Blue Gotera, John Smolens, Vince Sgambati, Daniel Karasik, Catherine Carberry, Vedran Husic, James Gleason Bishop, Brently Johnson, Christine Stewart-Nunez, Ted Morrissey, Joe Wilkins, Shanita Bigelow, Tom Holmes, William Archila, Vivian Faith Prescott, Dolan Morgan, Tana Jean Welch, Allison Joseph, Jill Barrie, Jesse Damiani, PMF Johnson, Gerry LaFemina, Anne M. Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Fall 2012 297.4

Contributors include: Gary Kelley, Maike Plenzke, Daryl Alexsy, Claire Stigliani, Perle Besserman, Joseph Celizic, Paul Griner, Sandra Gail Lambert, CHristine Murphey, LaWanda Walters, John Drury, Carrie Shipers, Sarah Neal, Peter Cooley, Gretchen Tessmer, J.P. Dancing Bear, Lowell Jaeger, Dana Jaye Cadman, Anita Endrezze, Steve Benson, Diane Seuss, Anthony Frame, Richard Levine, Lucinda Roy, Gary Finke, Wes Ward, Dan O'Brien, Gregory Fraser, Robert L. King, Dustyn Martincich, Anne M. Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Summer 2012 297.3

Contributors include: Terri Brown-Davidson, Teresa Milbrodt, Nicolas Poynter, Joanne Fisher, Jill Rosenberg, Tamara Shores, Nicole Rosevear, Jennifer Bowen Hicks, Emily Vizzo, Joseph Scapellato, James Cihlar, LaWanda Waters, Lorena Knight, Suzanne Frischkorn, RIcardo Pau-Llosa, Richard Lyons, Amanda Auchter, Andrea Potos, Jeanne Emmons, Catherine Pritchard Childress, Michael Daley, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Melvin Wilk, Natalia Rachel Singer, Gary Kelley, Marty Gotera, Carole Fishback, Joanna Barnum, Welsey Allsbrook, Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Jess Fink, Andrea Wan, Anne M. Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Spring 2012 297.2

This issue includes the winners of the 2012 James Hearst Poetry Prize. First prize and $1,000 was awarded to Ansel Elkins. Other winners, Honorable Mentions, and Finalists include Rebecca Foust, Michael Derrick Hudson, Angelo Nikolopoulos, Harry Waitzman, Jack Cooper, Scott Lowery, Arthur McMaster, Susan Elbe, Angel Fujimoto-Meagh, Robin Shectman Richstone, Mark Wagenaar, John Kearns, Charles Cessna, Alexandra Pajak, Hope Coulter, and Dan O'Brien. Additional contributors include: John Rybicki, Steve Langan, Ann Hudson, Karen Carissimo, K. Griffith, Neil Shepard, Michael Kriesel, Todd Davis, James Wooden, Joy Rogoff, Sandy Longhorn, Leslie Andrienne Miller, Jeff Tigchelaar, Damon McLaughlin, Jody Bolz, Thomas Courtney Vance, Jane Wong, R.A. Pavoldi, Ira Sukrungruang, Natalia Rachel Singer, Jim Donahue, Mark Beaver, Gabriel Necochea, David Harris Edenbach, Peter Stine, Jean Harper, Emily Stone, Gary Kelley, Marty Gotera, Jared Rogness, Joanna Barnum, Jess Fink, Anne M. Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Winter 2012 297.1

The Winter 2012 issue showcases the fine work of Hannah Gersen, Paul Crenshaw, Steven Schwartz, Freda Love Smith, Neil Mathison, Amy Butcher, Jim McGarrah, Joseph W. Meeker, Elisabeth Muraski, Brian Simoneau, Jay Robinson, Allison Joseph, Kevin Stein, Claire Millikin, Patricia Lockwood, Chris Waters, Eric Paul Shaffer, Thomas Brush, Marcus Jackson, Nadine Sabra Meyer, Angela Sorby, Jim Warner, Andrew Nurkin, Kevin Berland, Kathleen A. Kelly, Brian Swann, Susan Kelly-DeWitt, Cathryn Hankla, Jim Daniels, Ann Struthers, Philip Dacey, Peter Makuk, Susanne Kort, Dian Duchin Reed, Gary Kelley, Marty Gotera, Jess Fink, Joanna Barnum, Jared Rogness, Anne Drolet, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Fall 2011 296.4

The Fall issue showcases the work of Barry Targan, Vicky Mlyniec, Marc Dickinson, Kent Nelson, Don Lago, J. P. Vallieres, Jeremy C. Justus, Gary Fincke, Claudia Burbank, Stacia M. Fleegal, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Brandon Krieg, Nadine Sabra Meyer, Lilly Deng, Anita Endrezze, Cynthia Atkins, Janet McNally, Shari Wagner, E. Tammy Kim, Brian Swann, James Engelhardt, Andrew Najberg, Faith Shearin, Leslie Adams, David Wagoner, Robert L. King, Vince Gotera, Grant Tracey, Gary Kelley, Li-Ying Bao, Kim Behm, Joanna Barnum, and Marty Gotera.

Summer 2011 296.3

The Summer 2011 issue features works by Gary Kelley, Jess Fink, Claire Stigliani, Marty Gotera, Joanna Barnum, Jared Rogness, Matthew Knight, Nora Bonner, Kathy Flann, Dianne Benedict, Karin Lin-Greenberg, Brian Fitch, Brian Bedard, Sarah Carvill, Laurie Frankel, Gina Burkart, Pat Underwood, Roderick Townley, Melissa Dickson Blackburn, Stephanie Jutras, Jessica Dyer, Jeff Hardin, James Proffitt, Deborah Casillas, Dan Nowak, Grant Tracey, and Vince Gotera.

Spring 2011 296.2

The Spring 2011 issue contains works by Gary Kelley, Marty Gotera, Joanna Barnum, Jess Fink, Carole Fishback, Nathan Leslie , Stephen Coyne, Lewis DeJong, Donald Anderson, Margaret Combs, Thora Brylowe , Jenifer Browne Lawrence , Benjamin Busch, Mark Wagenaar, Terry Savoie, Michael Derrick Hudson, Casey Thayer, Susan Norris , Jeremiah Webster, Jennifer Chapis, Holly Virginia Clark, Devi Sen Laskar , Claire Millikin, Marianne Patty, Sharon Hashimoto, Mark Burke, Paisley Rekdal, William G. Ward, Kawita Kandpal, Bernadette Geyer, D. F. Brown, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Barbara Jane Reyes, Peter Ludwin, R. Zamora Linmark, Michael Meyerhofer, Chad Davidson, Terry Brix, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Grant Tracey, and Vince Gotera.

Winter 2011 296.1

The Winter 2011 issue contains works by Gary Kelley, Jessica Fink, Li-Ying Bao, Joanna Barnum, Marty Gotera, Susan Jackson Rodgers, Charles Conley, Erin McReynolds, Iver Arnegard, B.J. Hollars, Angela Mears, Adrianne Finley, Tani Arness, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, January Gill O'Neil, Mark Jay Brewin Jr., Dan Chelotti, Deborah H. Doolittle, Natasha Saj, Bradford Tice, Michael Hardin, Catherine Jagoe, Charles Harper Webb, Jay Udall, Richard L. King, Richard Holinger, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey

Fall 2010 295.4

The Fall 2010 issue contains work by frje Echeverria, Marty Gotera, Joanna Barnum, Li-Ying Bao, Cathy Day, Frank B. Farrell, Sam Ruddick, Ed Taylor, Beth Alvarado , Anne M. Drolet, Jim McGarrah, Natasha Saje, Snezana Dzakovic, J.P. Dancing Bear, W.D. Ehrhart, Robert J. Savino, Jeff Gundy, Suzanne Frischkorn, Richard Schiffman, Tiffany Midge, Gary Fincke, Tana Jean Welch, Michael Miller, B.J. Best, Brenna Lemieux, Gerry LaFemina, Janet McAdams, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Summer 2010 295.3

The Summer 2010 issue contains works by Brent Watkinson, Matthew Knight, Joanna Barnum, Marty Gotera, Jess Fink, Claire Stigliani, Jose Guajardo, Joanne Zimmerman, Silas Dent Zobal, Erik Hanson, Kristine Somerville, Lisa Lee, Steven Ramirez, Lucienne S. Bloch, E. B. Cavanagh, Richard D. Natale, Suzanne Frischkorn, Bradford Tice, John Davis, Gary Fincke, Alyce Miller, Scott Provence, Ronald Wallace, Eric Charles Hansen, William Johnson, Katherine Anne Webb, Rafael Campo, David Wagoner, Chantel Acevedo, Anne Drolet, Grant Tracey, and Vince Gotera.

Spring 2010 295.2

The Spring 2010 issue contains works by Jack Tom, Mandy Conway, Claire Stigliani, Jared Rogness, John Fried, Teresa Milibrodt, Gary Gildner, Bernadette Esposito, J.D. Scraffenberger, Matthew Burns, Chelsea Henderson, Jeff Knorr, Bruce Meyer, Michael Kriesler, Cynthia Wyatt, Jeffrey Ethan Lee, Sharon Hashimoto, Melissa Stein, Rebecca Foust, Susan Terris, Courtney Kampa, Vincent Peloso, Carrie Meadows, Joan Colby, Jacqueline Marcus, Michael Harmon, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Matthew St. Amand,Beka Kimberley, Adam Seddon, Joe Swarbrick, Claire Fitzgerald, M. DiGenova, Dolly Hayde, Michael C. Hays, Leslie Heywood, Jennifer Militello, Greg Hewett, Laurie Blauner, Faith Shearin, Tomaz Salamun, Michael Biggins, and Valerie Wohlfeld

Winter 2010 295.1

The Winter 2010 issue contains works by Gary Kelley, Joanna Barnum, Li-Ying Bao, Marty Gotera, Claire Stigliani, Eric Anderson, Glenn Arnold, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Brigit Kelly Young, Nicole Callihan, Jean Braithwaite, Jerome Klinkowitz, Jeffrey S. Copeland, Jhoanna S. Aberia, Knute Skinner, Arthur Vogelsang, Rebecca Foust, Roger Camp, John Rybicki, Kerry James Evans, Andrea Potos, Floyd Skloot, C.J. Sage, January Gill O'Neil, Emily Maloney, Michael C. Hays, Simmons B. Buntin, Jo Sarzotti, Susannah W. Simpson, Rob Griffith, Peter Cooley, Aaron McNally, Monique S. Ferrell, Honoree Fanonne Jeffers, Cathryn Cofell, Lucas Pingel, Martha Zwieg, and Jody Bolz

Nov-Dec 2009 294.6

The Nov-Dec 2009 issue contains works by Gary Kelley, Jess Fink, Li-Ying Bao, Carole Fishback, R.A. Haynes, Sharon Hashimoto, Thomas Fox Averill, Caroline Sutton, Eric Zencey, Jerome Klinkowitz, Catherine Zobal Dent, Jean-Mark Sens, James D. Autio, Adam Schuitema, Brian Swann, Scott Owens, Tom Lukas, Tiffany Midge, Thomas Brush, Bill Graeser, John E. Smelcer, Tim Bascom, Roy Bentley, David Wagoner, Fredrick Zydeck, Jason W. Selby, Susanne Kort, Grant Tracey, and Vince Gotera.

Sep-Oct 2009 294.5

The Sep-Oct 2009 issue contains works by Larry Welo, Joanna Barnum, Carole Fishback, Claire Stigliani, Li-Ying Bao, Brian Bedard, Ron Savage, Julie Brickman, Shari Wagner, Roy Yehudah Ringel, Brian Jay Stanley, Heather Olsen, Ales Steger, B. Z. Niditch, Bill Meissner, Pable Miguel Martinez, G. C. Waldrep, Lyn Lifshin, John Bensko, Brian Daldorph, Sandra M. Castillo, Faith Shearin, Lisabeth Burton, Rustin Larson, Charlotte Pence, Veronica Reyes, Jose L. Otero, Todd James Pierce, Janaka Stucky, and Gary Fincke.

May-Aug 2009 294.3-4

The May-Aug 2009 issue contains works by Rick Farrell, Li-Ying Bao, Jared Rogness, Richard Calmes, Kate Brennan Hall, Sally Wilson Kueker, Claire Stigliani, Carole Fishback, Joanna Barnum, Marty Gotera, Vince Gotera, Kris Rusch, Jim Nelson, David Harris Evenbach, Stephen Murabito, Jane Rawlings, David Shumate, Robert Garner McBrearty, Thomas M. Atkinson, Kathryn L. Huber, Jessica Levine, Nicole Walker, Ana Maria Spagna, Grant Tracey, Lee Ann Roripaugh, , Carolyn Elkins, William Rudolph, Eric Torgersen, Jacob Boyd, Angela Armstrong, Jeremiah Webster, Lyn Lifshin, Tom Jungerberg, Dan Stryk, Louis Phillips, Jason Koo, Simon Perchik, Vuong Quoc Vu, Alfred Encarnacion, Eugene Gloria, Sarah Kennedy, Adrie Kusserow, Elizabeth Rees, Maxine Scates, Ruth Moose, Eileen Wiedbrauk, Faith Shearin, Carrie Shipers, Jane Langley, and Robert L. King.

Mar-Apr 2009 294.2

The Mar-Apr 2009 issue contains the 2009 James Hearst Poetry Prize winners and works by Gary Kelley, Catherine Zobal Den, Kevin Allardice. Rachel MacFarland, Donald Anderson, Jerome Klinkowitz, Brandon Lingle, Jim Davis, Travis Mossotti, Konrad Stump, Claire Millikin, Elinor Benedict, Gaye McKenney, Michael Spence, Roy Bentley, Phipip Dacey, Rebecca Foust, Rich Hanson, Sharon Hashimoto, Michael Hudson, Michael Kriesel, Devi Sen Laskar, Shawn Pittard, Shari Robinson Mills, Carrie Shipers, Neil Shepard, Erinn Batykefer, Charles Harper Webb, Chrissy Kolaya, Angela Armstrong, Gwyn McVay, Jeff Crandall, Benjamin S. Grossberg, Gary Dop, Lyn Lifshin, Kim Bridgford, Kristen Tracy, Kristin Berrkley-Abbott, Terry Savoie, R. Steve Benson, Brian Komei Dempster, Tony Tracy, Jeremiah Webster, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.

Jan-Feb 2009 294.1

The Jan-Feb 2009 issue contains works by Jessica Wheat, Joanna Barnum, Marty Gotera, Claire Stigliani, Carole Fishback, Richard M. Lange, Teresa Milbrodt, Colleen O'Brien, Kathleene Donahoo, Caroline Sutton, Aaron Gilbreath, Carolyn Kraus, Corrine Holke-Farnam, Patricia Smith, Karen Glenn, Alice Pero, Gaylord Brewer, Kate Fetherston, Pablo Miguel Martinez, Kory M. Shrum, Peter Makuck, Charles Harper Webb, Allison Joseph, Kathleen A. Kelly, Vince Gotera, and Grant Tracey.


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Eduardo C. Corral "Se Me Olvido Otra Vez" Broadside *LIMITED RUN*

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Letitia L. Moffitt "Sidewalk Dancing" Broadside *LIMITED RUN*

Grant Riedel has created and signed yet another gorgeous broadside accompanying a selection from Letitia L. Moffitt's latest novel, "Sidewalk Dancing" and we're happy to offer them for sale to our followers! This item is a limited run, only seven of which are available for sale, so don't delay.

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